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Schizophrenia - Three moms in the trenches Schizophrenia in the Family. How do we cope? How can we help? We each have adult sons with schizophrenia and have written acclaimed books about it. We say it like it is, to help families, practitioners and those with SMI (serious mental illness) feel less alone…and learn. Randye Kaye, Mindy Greiling, Miriam Feldman…and guests.

Are you dealing with SZ in a loved one? Feeling confused? Scared? Angry? Overwhelmed?

You are not alone. We’ve been there…and how.

There are stages in the emotional journeys of families dealing with Schizophrenia in a loved one. Mimi, Mindy and Randye are now often at the “advocacy/Acceptance” stage – but not always.

In excerpts from our books, and quotes from listeners, we talk about the events and feelings in the earlier stages of the journey.

From Crisis, to Coping, and Advocacy…and the carousel keeps spinning.

And yes there is hope too.

Schizophrenia Three Moms in the Trenches are :

Randye Kaye -Broadcaster, Actress, Voice Talent, Speaker, and Author (“Ben Behind his Voices”)

Miriam Feldman – Artist, Mom, Author “He Came in With It”

Mindy Greiling – member of the Minnesota House of Representatives for twenty years. Activist, Legislator, Author (“Fix What You Can“)

Want to know more about family/friends of people with psychosis?


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