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What should you do, and do not, when you are becoming psychotic, or already are? And what can other people do to help someone else in psychosis? Let’s go into a number of suggestions, tips and advice.

How can you help yourself?

Some general suggestions:

  • Stay in touch with the people around you, even when you would rather be alone.
  • Talk about your experiences with someone you trust. This could be a friend or relative, but also your doctor, counsellor or football coach.
  • Take good care of yourself: proper meals and sufficient sleep are important.
  • Try to prevent stress. Maybe you can discuss with your school counsellor or supervisor at work that you need to slow down for a while.
  • Be extra careful with drugs and alcohol. When you don’t feel well, they can make psychotic problems worse.
  • Ask for help!

What can people around you do?

People dealing with psychotic symptoms, and their family and friends, can find useful advice on