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Join Mental Health America as we have open conversations about mental health. We’re a group of people who want to change the way our communities talk about mental health. On this podcast, we share our lives, fight in the open, and work together to just figure things out.

Each week, America and Theresa (and sometimes special guests) discuss a different mental health topic. The topics come from questions Mental Health America hears from people with lived experience with mental illness. Many of them come from questions asked by people who have taken mental health screens. The conversations are easily accessible to people who are just beginning to learn about their mental health.

While Theresa and America are taking a break, friends of the podcast Emily Skehill and David Riley take over to talk about deciding when you should start medication. They both discuss their personal circumstances when deciding to start medication and how it varies person-to-person. They talk about some signs of when you should explore medication, trying to balance improving symptoms while also trying to curb side effects and how you should be your biggest advocate.

In the Open is produced by Mental Health America

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