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Thomas writes about his vision on schizophrenia; ‘How deeply engraved can a person’s own soul bump into the crossing with itself and the other?’

Sound, safe and natural is the mind in my opinion. Interactions between individuals might be less understandable. Standardisation, deviation, variation and other senses of communication between us, might reduce the overwhelming endlessness of the mind to less spiritual behavior.

How can we let the freedom of the mind flow naturally?

Round and about, as low cost as we can, as sound as the mind is, without bumping to each other on the crossings. Let’s call it an undiscovered territory. Let’s just say: we don’t know yet. Let’s just feel the sense of not seeing the totality of the human presence in its own surroundings.

How harsh can this manifest as schizophrenia?

How deeply engraved can a person’s own soul bump into the crossing with itself and the other? Warm and cold. Unpredictable maybe. To reduce or not to reduce. To control or not to control. To see or not to see. To be or not to be. Questions, endless. Answers, endless. How can we?

I feel a need for expression in loneliness. Also amongst others

Time is variable. Predictable, but still present. Don’t reduce, do reduce; doubt is everywhere; certainty too. Complexity too. Simpleness too. It all is somewhere. Your interpretation is not mine. History is ours, but mine alone too.

To get to the core, which is in my humble inspirated spirit a reduction of my mind flow:

Schizophrenia can be a complexified way of interacting with natural behavior, accompanied by pain and danger

However, it’s part of nature, mentally and physically

Impossible to be thrown. It’s just there. It’s just a word…

Thomas Vijn,


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