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Social rhythm refers to the routine of daily activities, social interaction, relaxation, exercise, sleep, and so forth. Social Rhythm Therapy (SRT) assumes that your mood depends on your daily routine, enough social interaction and the right balance between activity and relaxation.

This therapy lets you work on finding the right balance, in a daily routine that suits you personally. The therapy typically consists of eight group sessions.

What is Social Rhythm Therapy?

SRT is a therapy where you focus on finding a healthy daily routine and balance. Important elements are: a regular sleep pattern, enough activities during the day, proper meals, and social interaction. Its purpose is finding a routine that suits you, AND improves your mood. Studies show that problems with sleeping, eating and staying active, have a strong influence on mood problems like mania and depression. So, finding a right balance in these aspects is particularly important for people who easily get (heavy) mood swings.

The Social Rhythm Monitor

SRT uses a ‘Life Charting & Social Rhythm Therapy’ book, typically over eight sessions. This book helps you keep track of things like wake-up and bedtime, your daily activities and which people you meet. By monitoring these things, you get a better view of your daily routine. The next step is composing a plan that helps you stay in the right balance.

Prof. dr. Jim van OsChair Division Neuroscience, Utrecht University Medical Centre. Jim is also Visiting Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology at the Institute of Psychiatry in London. Jim works at the interface of ‘hard’ brain science, health services research, art and subjective experiences of people with ‘lived experience’ in mental healthcare. 

Jim has been appearing on the Thomson-Reuter Web of Science list of ‘most influential scientific minds of our time’ since 2014. In 2014 he published his book ‘Beyond DSM-5‘, and in 2016 the book ‘Good Mental Health Care’. 

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