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Life Charting is a method of monitoring your mood. Through life charting you keep track of your mood swings, life events and medication. Knowing if there is any relation between them, can help you control your mood swings.

In the life chart booklet, you keep track of when the mood swings happened, under what circumstances and what has helped you to get out of it. This way you can tell directly which factors and events influence your mood, and how you respond to taking medication.

The Life Chart Method can give you more insight into the course of your mood. This understanding can help you get a better grip on your life. Some smart phone apps might be useful in assisting you .

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Prof. dr. Ralph Kupka is professor of Bipolar Disorders at Amsterdam University Medical Center, and clinical psychiatrist at two large mental health centers: GGZinGeest in Amsterdam, and Altrecht in Utrecht. He is chair of the Dutch Foundation for Bipolar Disorders (KenBiS) and Vice-President of Education of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD).

Ralph has been active in national and international research consortia of bipolar disorders since 1995, and chief editor of the first Dutch handbook about this illness. He has chaired guideline committees and is board member of AKWA, the quality institute for mental health in the Netherlands.

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