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Aya de Jager tries to let her psychotic experiences flow into words for the healing of thoughts and feelings. Soon we can expect a booklet with poems and illustrations from her. For the lovely souls who experience(d) psychosis and for everyone else.


Extreme may be reflected in the weather

In extreme states

Running until there is surrender

There is extreme in the storms

And in the rausing inner tornadoes, of all that is pulling inside

Some say I have a tendency for psychosis

It makes me more creative though

In a search for wholeness, I pass through different cultures

And the discovery of consciousness is what I love the most

In ayurveda, there is wholeness (Indian medicine, combining ritual and feeling a ballance with your karakter, synchronised  with your food, and the rythme of the earth)

Gathering with shamans, who travel different realms of consciousness

Connecting with the plants in psychedelic realms in order to lift up consciousness

They have ease in accepting there are other realms of consciousness, in contrast to most western traditional clinics, who seem to press them away with psychiatric medicine

Something we forget in the west

Where thought took over

Where identity seems fixed

Where in the East non dual streams of self discovery (through meditation, in Advaita Vedanta or Tantra) let go of the identification with thought, with feeling, and let the truth reveal.. So So beautifull, and yet… the challenge of vulnerability is there, and it will pass. My essence is here, and this place is transparent and everlasting

Aya de Jager studied psychology and is currently studying yoga philosophy at Embodied Philosophy. She finds form in spirituality, filling her life with wisdom from the East and from South America. Her life has been filled with dark and light, through this way she finds healing for her psychoses.

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