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book-we make clocks not time

Author: John F. Gerrard

Publisher: Library and Archives Canada

There are many misconceptions about psychosis, and the stigma surrounding it can be a major obstacle for those needing help. In this book, John F. Gerrard relates his lived experience with paranoia, delusions of grandeur, and other mental health concerns in an effort to humanize these symptoms. While writing about those struggles, he also explores the philosophical questions he wrestled with in his recovery, dealing with issues such as personal identity and free will.

A few endorsments of this great book:

“A must-read to better recognize and grasp hope, connection, and belonging in yourself and in those you care about. Journey from the abstract depths of shame and self-loathing to the focused absolute heights of self-discovery, responsibility, and free will. I will include this book in my resource library for those making the time to understand and celebrate self-discovery and personal growth.” — Debbie Wiebe, Nationally Certified Peer Support Mentor, Peer Support Canada

“We Make Clocks, Not Time describes an incredible personal journey and a brave navigation of space, time, self-preservation, and self-will. Along the way, John Gerrard’s writing invokes compassion and empathy. I am so grateful for this inspiring book. It has enriched both my nursing practice and many of my personal relationships. I am humbled by people like Gerrard, who share their experiences so thoughtfully and sensitively, building new structures for both personal and societal understanding and growth.” — Alisha de HaanLicensed Practical Nurse



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