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“Look Again: Mental Illness Re-Examined” is a groundbreaking new podcast brought to you by the BC Schizophrenia Society and supporting partners. The podcast brings forward the humanity of mental illness while dispelling the myths by sharing the voices of medical experts, family members, and people with lived experience with mental illness.

Host Faydra Aldridge, CEO of BCSS, speaks with medical experts, families, and people with lived experience of mental illness to dispel myths and get to the truth. Be prepared for frank conversations, up-to-date medical information, immersive sound design, and stories of hope and resilience. This podcast is for anyone whose life has been touched by mental illness. In other words, it’s for everyone.

Since we kicked off our second season talking to someone who embraced her diagnosis

of schizophrenia — we thought it would only be fitting to end this season with another guest who also doing her own heavy lifting when it comes to educating, creating awareness, and breaking myths about schizophrenia. In this episode, Faydra will be introducing you to Lauren Kennedy. She’s a mental health advocate, social worker, wife, a step-mother to two children, and mom to a new baby. But Lauren also lives with schizoaffective disorder.

Through her YouTube channel, Living Well with Schizophrenia, Lauren engages with viewers and followers alike as a means to increase knowledge and compassion around schizophrenia. And through it all, she shows there is no shame in having a severe and persistent mental illness., embracing her journey of self-acceptance – flaws and all.

Look Again is a production by the British Colombia Schizophrenia Society. 

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