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Good Life Project What does it mean to live a good life? What’s the role of happiness, meaning, work, love, purpose, kindness, friendship, and more? How do status, circumstance, gender, privilege, race, identity, and more play into the quest to live your best life?

You may know my guest today, Jeffrey Marsh,

from their spiritual and inclusive messages that have received over 1 billion views on social media. Jeffrey is a viral TikTok and Instagram sensation, the first openly nonbinary public figure to be interviewed on national television, and the first nonbinary author to be offered a book deal with any “Big 5” publisher, at Penguin Random House.

Jeffrey’s bestselling Buddhist self-esteem guide How To Be You

is an innovative, category-non-conforming work that combines memoir, workbook, and spiritual advice, inviting anyone and everyone into the conversation through a lens of kindness and inclusivity. How To Be You topped Oprah’s Gratitude Meter and was named Excellent Book of the Year by TED-Ed. Jeffrey has also been a student and teacher of Zen for over twenty years, and this practice has been central to both their lens on life, and capacity to do the work they do in a grounded, deeply-present, open-heart and joyful way.

The Good Life Project was founded by wife and husband team, Stephanie and Jonathan Fields.

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